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Welcome to Ensinger India

For more than 45 years, we have developed engineering plastics and high-performance plastics successfully in new applications. Whether as compounds, semi-finished products, profiles or finished parts: our products help our customers make their inventions more efficient and consequently more competitive. We aim to meet this standard every day – with a careful analysis of customer requirements, efficient development and manufacturing processes and exemplary service.

Solutions from Ensinger can be found in almost all important branches of industry, including mechanical engineering, the automotive industry, in medical device technology and in the building industry. Our plastic semi-finished products and machined or injection moulded precision parts are also the basis for technical innovations in the food industry, aeronautical engineering and electronics industries.

The broad spectrum of polymer materials used ranges from engineering plastics (such as polyamides, polyacetals / POM) to the class of high-temperature resistant plastics (such as PEEK and polyimides).

Working closely together with customers and suppliers inspires and motivates us. As a family company, we strive to achieve the vision of our company founder, bringing long-term perspectives for the benefit of all those involved.
The whole Ensinger-team looks forward to new challenges, and playing their part in overcoming them - everyday – maybe together with you.